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Our charming Eco Lodge is situated between the Atlantic Ocean & the dunes of Praia das Minas, Pipa in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Composed of nine villas surrounded by pure nature and lush vegetation, Filha Da Lua offers an opportunity to enjoy the soothing atmosphere, surroundings and the setting to connect with yourself, nature and the locals. Based on sustainable construction practices to preserve the surrounding forests and preserve the land, our resort was made of Eucalyptus reforestation wood. In order to keep the surroundings completely decontaminated, each bungalow was built on stilts to preserve the soil’s permeability without degrading it, and through an introduction of a 100% ecological waste station. Combined with its rustic, natural and sophisticated style inspired by Balinese architecture all elements of the Earth are in perfect harmony. Most of the fruits and vegetables used in our restaurant are grown in our very own Fazenda – “Pachamama”, an organic farm providing ‘farm to table’ cuisine through biodiversity & permaculture.


The management team does not wish to take a whole credit for all our projects as it is a collective work and our passion project speaks for itself and for the local community.
Therefore we believe that whatever we do in Filha Da Lua and its social and environmental projects, constitutes a whole concept of eco-conscious tourism.
We built our hotels in natural materials, refuse to use generic fertilizers in our organic farm or dangerous products for hotel cleaning, we buy our products from small proximity producers to deliver menus which are healthy, gluten and lactose free. We strive to respect all wild life that is part of our hotel and it’s surrounding, we constantly teach and share the skills and knowledge about naturopathy and the use of Ayurvedic principles in all our menus and body treatments, while incorporating agroforestry and its techniques to save water in order to produce clean and nutritious food.
Filha Da Lua truly believes in a society that stops thinking in terms of gender or race but embraces the universal humanity in all of us. It’s about empowering a human being, hand in hand together, and look as a collective for all the opportunities to make the World a better place. It is for that and especially right now that we are trying, daily, to create the chain of consciousness and ethics in the new hospitality business.
Empowering through education and giving the local community access to the jobs which make them independent and safer in the patriarchal society is the key to a better world, our world.
All our team is willing to share with those who want to learn and are prepared to continue to share with others their knowledge and experience. It’s our goal, our purpose, our task, everyday. We all truly hope one day you would visit us here and appreciate what we achieved together with the wonderful local community of Tibau do Sul

pachamamA farm

Our eco-pedagogical farm of organic & agroforestry production, Fazenda Pachamama, is located in the municipality of Sibaúma, only 12 km from Filha Da Lua, seeks quality & health of food, while respecting the natural & ecological cycles of all elements and beings involved in the production process.

The farm, shining over 12 hectares {30 acres}, has been in the community since the 1950s but was unused for 30 years and our team is bringing it back to life. Pachamama already offers the maximum energy of abundance,
it is the one that nourishes, symbolized by Mother Earth & all fertility, which sustains everything that exists, all beings and all creation.

Foremost our Fazenda Pachamama nurtures & supplies the restaurants of Filha da Lua – Eco Lodge & Cicchetti Pipa, which value and aim at the quality, origin & health of the food that arrives on the plate of our guests. Through the planting, harvesting & dining project, all our guests benefit from our production & care from Pachamama.

Connecting with the first source, our great mother, Nature, our Fazenda Pachamama projects offers all the abundance & support of life through organic cultivation in Agroforestry Systems (SAF’S), studying and applying ecologically based solutions in the ethics of Permaculture as pillars for the sustainable development of our production system.

Plus talking about CO2 offset per year {by FarmCarbon ToolKit}

Fazenda Pachamama sequesters about 11t CO2 per year, the equivalent of 5 return {Economy} flights from London/Paris/New York to Natal International Airport.

Learn more about our farm on instagram @fazendapachamama

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