100% gluten free

Our 100% gluten free restaurant offers a menu inspired by years of exotic travel. It is a colorful and savory festival of aromatic spices, adaptogens, herbal tonics, gluten free and lactose free versions of our world favorites. Driven by this philosophy, our team makes a personal commitment to serving you and our guests the purest, locally grown, organic and additive-free food.

Ayurvedic teachings and traditional Chinese medicine are our guidelines in finding new recipes that will make you happy and strong. We believe there is an act of love in the way we treat ourselves and our bodies with respect. 

The way we eat determines our energy levels and reinforces our long, healthy life.
Always love, from Daughter of the Moon and her team.


Our 100% gluten free restaurant is part of the ayuverda concept implemented in all meals , specially in the mornings. We believe in the well-being between the balance of mind, body and soul by the ingredientes of our food.

The stunning view of the main lounge overlooking the blue immensity guarantees delicious recipes prepared exclusively for you to start your day in a very healthy way, all 100% gluten free.
If you are looking for charm and privacy to start your mornings, please order the impeccable breakfast available to be served in your bungalow.

Breakfast available for non-guests, reservations in advance are necessary.


On Full Moon nights we have the privilege of welcoming you in front of the hotel’s restaurant, illuminated by the reflection of the moon in the ocean while creating a truly unique experience. May it be you are staying with us or just feel like an intimate & romantic dinner, these nights become even more unforgettable with musical attractions selected to perform the lunar calendars special dates such as full moon, super moon and eclipses.

Make your reservation at our 100% gluten free restaurant and secure a space under the stars.

Reservation in advanced are necessary if you are not a guest of Filha da Lua.


2 Adults, 0 Childs
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